Standardbred Foals
Name Sire Dam Sire of Dam Gait Color Sex DOB
One Deo Racing Hill One For The World Rock N Roll Heaven P B F 1/31
Lydeo Sweet Lou Show The World Western Ideal P B F 2/9
Storm Fortress Deo Always B Miki Western Gallie Western Hanover P B C 2/18
Captain Mike Deo Captaintreacherous Everyone's Watching Artiscape P B C 2/25
Magnificentchapter Chapter Seven Maria Deo Muscle Hill T B C 3/9
Marcela Deo Captaintreacherous Giver To Er Rock N Roll Heaven P B F 3/23
O Sole Deo American Ideal Some Renditions Somebeachsomewhere P B C 3/25
Manish Deo Trixton Wanna Get Lucky Lucky Chucky T B C 3/25
Miss America Deo American Ideal Little Miss K Artsplace P B F 3/28
World At War Deo Chapter Seven Yalta Hanover Andover Hall T B C 3/31
Always Be Mike Always B Miki Worldly Deo Lis Mara P B C 4/8
La Playa Deo Sunshine Beach See And Be Seen Western Hanover P B C 4/14
Arya Deo Captaintreacherous Stairwaytothestars Western Ideal P B F 5/3
Infanta Deo Muscle Hill Tonato Of Love Donato Hanover T B F 5/3
TBD Trixton UF Lindsay Lou Who Donato Hanover T B F 5/4
TBD Trixton Caylee Dream Yankee Glide T B F 5/5
TBD Trixton Blue Yonder Tagliabue T B F 5/6
TBD Betting Line Docdor Cameo Real Artist P B F 5/6
TBD Muscle Hill Resora LB It Conway Hall T B F 5/7
TBD Chapter Seven Cherished Victory Valley Victory T B F 5/11
TBD Sweet Lou Rocklamation Rocknroll Hanover P B F 5/14
TBD Downbytheseaside B J's Canouan Western Ideal P B C 5/16
TBD Trixton Doris Deo Andover Hall T B C 5/16
Thoroughbred Foals
TBD California Chrome Naval Command Midshipman N/A B F 1/26
TBD Tonalist Another Like You Jumpstart N/A B F 3/5