Name   Sire Dam Sire of Dam
Amare Deo - Lucky Chucky Cherished Victory Valley Victory
BJs Canouan P, 1:54, $109,412 Western Ideal Rich N Elegant Direct Scooter
Blue Yonder T, 1:55.3, $198,833 Tagliabue Purple Haze Keystone Mohawk
Brigham Dream T, 1:53.2, $639,280 Kaisy Dream Crysta's Image Balanced Image
Caught My Eye T, 1:55.1, $518,263 Angus Hall` Lookin At You Babe Malabar Man
Caylee Dream - Yankee Glide Brigham Dream Kaisy Dream
Cherished Victory T, 1:54.4, $127,675 Valley Victory Keystone Profile Speedy Crown
Coulantine T, 1:53.3, $427,531 Lindy Lane Odre Coucou Garland Lobell
Docdor Cameo P, 1:55.1, $11,525 Real Artist Eternal Camnation Cam Fella
Docdor Valentia P, 2:00.2, $1,240 Western Hanover Eternal Camnation Cam Fella
Doris Deo - Andover Hall D Train Donerail
Double Jeopardy  - Rocknroll Hanover Arterra Artsplace
Electric Fool P, 1:54.2, $63,615 I am A Fool Artomatic Artsplace
Julianna Deo - Muscle Hill Blue Yonder Tagliabue
Lisheen P, 1:52.3, $518,405 Abercrombie Lismore Camluck
Lisjune P, 1:50.4, $67,482 Camluck Lisheen Abercrombie
Little Miss K P, 1:52.2, $530,039 Artsplace Lady Mattingly Matt's Scooter
Madam Countess P, 1:52.1, $186,066 Art Major Fedorov Albert Albert
Mattdonna P, 1:53.2, $99,340 Matt's Scooter Beauteous Jate Lobell
Miss Dangles T, 1:53.1, $188,771 Ken Warkentin Kimberly Coe Conway Hall
One For The World - Rock N Roll Heaven Worldly Beauty Artsplace 
Queen Serene T, 1:51.4, $748,602 Dream Vacation Queen Of Queens Sierra Kosmos
Quick Credit T, 1:56.0, $530,193 Credit Winner Ima Quick Donerail
Rare Book - Muscle Hill Resortful Dream Vacation
Resora LB T, 1.12.7, E41.409 Conway Hall Gilly Lb Supergill
Rocklamation P, 1:48.3, $2,277,384 Rocknroll Hanover Art Sale Artsplace
See and Be Seen P, 1:54, $229,043 Western Hanover Must See Artsplace
Sequin Hanover T, 1:53.0, $55,835 SJ's Caviar Southern Puff Donerail
Show The World P, 1:55.2, $21,755 Western Ideal Worldly Beauty Artsplace
Timber - Art Major B J's Canouan Western Ideal
Tonato Of Love T, 1:56.0, $61,474 Donato Hanover Song Of Love F Coktail Jet
Vaquera Deo - Western Hanover Mattdonna Matt's Scooter
Votum Deo - Like A Prayer Gwyneth Hall Malabar Man
Wanna Get Lucky T, 1:54.0, $72,907 Lucky Chucky Ucalthisahoneymoon Yankee Glide
Woke Up Dreaming T, 1:56.1, $72,463 Striking Sahbra Bold Dreamer Donerail
World Of Her Own - Western Ideal Worldly Beauty Artsplace
Worldly Deo P, $10,258 Lis Mara Worldly Beauty Artsplace
Worldly Beauty P, 1:49.3, $1,900,255 Artsplace World Order Nihilator
Yalta Hanover T, 1:53.3, $54,154 Andover Hall Yankee Topaz Lindy Lane
Yursa Hanover T, 1:52.3, $910,567 Windsong's Legacy Yankee Topaz Lindy Lane
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