Lexington Select  (October 2nd thru 6th) - Preferred Equine Consignment               
Name Sire Dam Sire of Dam Gait Color Sex DOB   Hip # Video
Das Deo Captaintreacherous Lisjune Camluck P Bay C 3/7   41 Video
Jacobo Deo Bold Eagle Resora LB IT Conway Hall T Br C 2/8   63 Video
Deo's Proclamation Captaintreacherous Rocklamation Rocknroll Hanover P Bay F 3/8   65 Video
My Dad's Boy Muscle Hill Tonato Of Love Donato Hanover T Bay C 4/28   90 Video
Sonadora Deo Kadabra Woke Up Dreaming Striking Sahbra T Br F 4/2   97 Video
Aces Rock Bettor's Delight Double Jeopardy Rocknroll Hanover P Bay C 4/16   138 Video
Amethyst Deo Trixton Fortune Dream Daguet Rapide T Bay F 1/22   150 Video
Veera Deo Captaintreacherous Timber Art Major P Bay F 4/2   244 Video
Ready Set Deo Trixton Wanna Get Lucky Lucky Chucky T Bay C 2/11   252 Video
Contepartiro Deo Muscle Hill Yalta Hanover Andover Hall T Bay F 3/11   262 Video
Heart N Soul Deo Muscle Hill Yursa Hanover Windsong's Legacy T Bay F 2/13   264 Video
Mike U The Man Captaintreacherous B J's Canouan Western Ideal P Bay C 5/17   293 Video
Serena Deo Trixton Queen Serene Dream Vacation T BR F 4/10   294 Video
Spirit Of Deo Trixton Caylee Dream Yankee Glide T Bay F 5/9   299 Video
Stephanie Deo American Ideal Docdor Cameo Real Artist P Bay F 4/19   311 Video
Hard Rock Deo Rock N Roll Heaven Little Miss K Artsplace P Bay C 4/26   351 Video
One For Deo Art Major One For The World Rock N Roll Heaven P Bay F 4/13   375 Video
Rigoletto Deo Trixton Brigham Dream Kaisy Dream T Bay C 4/20   383 Video
Sailaja Deo Somebeachsomewhere Show The World Western Ideal P Bay F 5/18   395 Video
Miserere Deo Art Major Worldly Deo Lis Mara P Bay F 3/5   432 Video
Graceful Deo Trixton Amare Deo Lucky Chucky T Bay F 3/5   439 Video
Newyorknewyork Deo Chapter Seven Doris Deo Andover Hall T Bay C 2/28   475 Video
Kyrie Deo Donato Hanover Rare Book Muscle Hill T Bay C 3/13   557 Video
Harrisburg  (November 5th thru 7th) - Preferred Equine Consignment              
Name Sire Dam Sire of Dam Gait Clr Sex Dob   Hip # Video
Alyvia Deo Trixton Blue Yonder Tagliabue T Bay F 5/18   195  
Delightful Deo Bettor's Delight Electric Fool I Am A Fool P Bay F 5/17   244  
Deolicious Mach Three World Of Her Own Western Ideal P Bay F 5/24   464  
Dynamite Deo Explosive Matter Coulantine Lindy Lane T Bay F 5/13   552  
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